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WILDFIT description Every species on the planet has their own diet, the way we eat, Most often however it is used for short term and people go on a diet like ketogenic diet, low carb high fat diet, paleo diet etc.

Diets often end up short because, something changes, you don't have time to cook. You don't have time to follow the plan. Then You might feel that you fell off the waggon and often it is difficult to get back on because you feel that you failed. However with WILDFIT many people have pointed out how easy it is to live this lifestyle and even when You experiment it is simple to jump back on.

And my main idea was a three month program to look closer at what we eat and most importantly why we eat it. In the end You can eat whatever You want, however maybe you want different things. We focus on listening to our body and noticing how food makes us feel and what are consequences of certain foods.

During the program we have weekly enhancements, sometimes we might add something or we might take a break. We're not saying, oh, you can't have this forever. We just take a holiday from it. As then our body can heal including our taste buds. Moreover, many people notice that they get a lot of energy and their energy lasts the full day and don't feel tired of lunch, also usually sleep gets better, because our food supports our body. Then, our body can get much easier rest.

It is suitable for all, there might be some adjustments according to where You at. If You are Vegan or have sensitivities to food. It is suitable even for children and pregnant women. As it is a lifestyle then everyone can adapt it into their life.

Remember, WILDFIT is not a diet, It's a lifestyle.

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"I don't call myself overweight, so my idea of WILDFIT wasn't about losing weight particularly. It was about getting to know my body, nutrition and health.

WILDFIT is not a short term program, it's a change for life. 3 months has passed very quickly and it shows very clearly, that transformation is natural and in perfect pace."   - Marilyn
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