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Public Speaking

My journey to public speaking started from my love of talking as a child. I was often the chatty child. As I did not go to kindergarten I didn't really have too many other children to talk to, only our neighbors we played sometimes, mostly it was my brother and family. Therefore if we went to visit relatives or someone visited us I almost tried talking their ear off. Luckily I wasn’t discouraged to do so and mostly it was fun


During elementary school I did not really fit in and was even bullied. I did not make friends so my speaking skills did not develop as well. Mostly I got to speak in front of the classroom when the teacher called on me. However school was easy for me and I don’t remember ever looking dumb and therefore I never developed fear of public speaking because in those moments I could be myself and I was praised for being me. On the other side usually being just around other kids and being myself meant loneliness and hurt. I loved answering questions and giving speeches.


However when I got to highschool I wasn’t the smartest in the class anymore and it showed. As I never learned how to communicate socially, I was awkward and did not make many friends. Still I remember when being in front of the history class and retelling a story perfectly, even the teacher was amazed. So she asked if I like this history period or which is my favorite. At that point I did not know how to answer nicely so I was blunt and truthful. I said that it doesn’t matter as long as I can read the chapter twice I can deliver it the same way. She was annoyed about my answer as it felt to her like I do not appreciate history. Now I have learnt to be more understanding. I still am truthful and I know I don’t have to be blunt.


In university studying engineering there were plenty of volunteer presentations that I jumped on board to deliver as I still loved being in front of people and sharing ideas on different topics. I still kept learning about different subjects and finishing both my bachelor and masters degree with Cum laude. I realized my love to speak and present was one of the key reasons for that result. As one thing is to know the subject, the other is to be able to show and deliver it. As many professors used oral exams or project presentations.


When I entered the workforce and became project leader, communication with the team was crucial. Moreover, making presentations to the client about the progress and designs were everyday occasions. I must be honest there were many times I was able to tell the customer that things are going great even if I wasn’t able to show it. Half of the time the words from my mouth were much more important than the design on the screen. Of course it is important to keep my word and everytime I intend to keep them. Sometimes new information came to light that might have changed things, but mostly I kept my word. As they say a person is as good as their word.


When I became a certified WILDFIT coach, speaking became even more important. Not just for making masterclasses and workshops to attract clients, but also while coaching them. In WILDFIT one part is the coaching and listening to the client and asking the right questions. In the second part there are concepts that need to be explained, it is best to do them with stories. Starting learning coaching from Eric Edmeades, his other courses started to interest me, like the Business Freedom workshop that was online. However the in-person event Speaking Academy was the most interesting.


When the Speaking Academy was announced after a long break I knew I needed to go there, luckily it was held in Tallinn, therefore it was a certain Yes from me to go there. That one week was transformative. I did not go there with fear of public speaking, but a desire to be as an effective public speaker as possible. I learned so much and it opened my eyes to an even deeper me. What I have written here came out there, when I realized I have loved speaking and being in front of people. Talking to clients and so much more. I had forgotten how amazing it was and how much I loved it. The event concluded with the Speech contest Paradigm X where I was awarded for being one of the Top Speakers. I was voted 3rd by a public audience in the auditorium and on a live stream.


Moreover that week I got offers to speak in front of Estonian self development community “Teadlik Õnnelik Mina” and invited to speak at WILDFIT live in Toronto. Both these opportunities were something I have been dreaming for, to share my WILDFIT story and share to people how one can be more healthy by following their body and notice why and what food they are eating. It is amazing what impact can someone have if they are willing to speak. I am willing and moreover I have many things to tell. I may speak on the path to achieving food freedom or the intricacies of engineering. Mainly I can share my journey from misery to happiness by just following my heart to try new things and realizing what food gives us. Moreover how now being able to look back and to be grateful for all what has happened as I understand life happens for me.



My WILDFIT journey I wanted to improve my health starting in 2014 when I finished my Masters degree with Cum Laude and got to go Our country's president's reception. Sadly looking at the picture I realised I have let myself go out of hand. I still remembered that in High School I was quite fit and strong.


I tried exercise which was painful, as I never got to enjoy it. Then I was told that I should focus on the food, not the gym. After that I was able to let go some kilos however it was always up and down. As I never enjoyed restricting myself, I ended up binge eating a lot and gaining all the fat back.


In January 2020 Eric introduced WILDFIT, as I was constantly tired and sick of diets I was intrigued when he talked about freedom and amazing energy. So I started my journey with Try WILDFIT for 14 days on 20th January 2020. It was the best decision I had made. Within those two weeks I already made amazing shifts in my psychology and understood why He called it a lifestyle not a diet. After three months I had released 9kg and my body fat percentage was down 5%. Moreover, lockdown hit us during that time. I had never felt this kind of support before, as I did on this program from WILDFIT.


I was amazed How much it improved my body and mind. Everyone has their own journey. Mine led me to have a healthier body and thinking. I am happier than ever and finally was able to see the world in colour and not black and white like before. Moreover I learned to cook, I went into the challenge not knowing really how to cook and came out enjoying my time in the kitchen. What surprised me the most was how I started saving money by cooking myself and not ordering takeout every day.


One Year living WILDFIT my weight has stayed stable it shifts based on seasons however old swings are gone. I enjoy food more than ever and yet I am free from it.


I have had suicidal thoughts since 5th grade and how I am not needed in this world, Probably caused by being left out from groups in school and girls not wanting to dance with me. This lasted throughout the school years and probably led me to long term chronic depression and even thinking I have Asperger syndrome as I was so bad in communication. Before WILDFIT I was at rock bottom and I needed a change in my life. I wanted to make sure my body doesn’t give up as I still have people in my life. I needed to be there for them. During WILDFIT I discovered that so much is down to our thinking and with the tools WILDFIT gave me I was able to climb out of the hole and rocket into space. I was finally truly happy and becoming WILDFIT coach elevated that even further. WILDFIT Saved my life.



My journey as engineer actually started from 6th grade, with my first programming in Adobe Flash. I liked making animations there however when I found out that I can program the actions and then control it with buttons I was sold.


In High School I was very good in math, physics and chemistry. I even got a bronze medal at the international junior science olympiad in Brazil. However I loved programming and what could be done with it. When it came time to choose the university I realized that only working behind a computer and keyboard was not exactly what I wanted, therefore I chose mechatronics with a goal to build robots in my mind. There I could link together my knowledge about physics and math with love of programming.


I finished both Bachelor and Master degree with Cum Laude and during my studies I was an electronic engineer in one of the University labs. However, life happened for me and I got an invitation to join a brand new company that one of my coursemates founded. It was supposed to focus on automation both in home and industrial space. Yet the opportunities that we got led us down the path of more mechanical engineering rather than automation. We design and assemble machinery. Mostly our work goes to the metal mines in the north of Sweden. We also offer product development and prototyping. We have done fixtures and test equipment for the electronic industry. Moreover we make enclosures for electronics as we have great collaboration partners that lead us to design a casing for a camera and its electronics, which is part of a Moon rover that is part of the NASA Artemis program.


Now having been working there over 10 years now started as mechanical designer and draftsman, moving on to be a mechanical engineer who was responsible for the product design and also making sure it can be manufactured. When the company grew I became a Project engineer doing both project leading and higher level design and concept reviews. After the first 5 years I was promoted to be Lead engineer overseeing all the projects and making sure everything was running smoothly, I started to be more of a team leader, planning resources and being responsible for bigger clients. I enjoyed the increased freedom this position gave me and the challenges. I have been awarded the certification of Chartered Engineer (EQF level 8) for being a developed engineer who keeps learning and also is educating others. I have been responsible for the engineers in the office as well. Moreover teaching programming in TTK University of Applied Sciences for 3 years and now robotics to Laulasmaa elementary school.


In 2022 I accepted the role of Executive leader in the company to take responsibility for day to day activities when the owner wanted to focus more on development and be closer to the projects. In the past years I have been growing more into team leading and working with people. My coaching studies and experience has come in handy with leading the team and now the company.

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